Duncan Brown is a UK based artist, born in the Midlands, then moving to London to study at Kingston University to complete a foundation in art & design and fine art degree.

After graduating, he spent a few years pursuing his art with shows in London before becoming a designer as the fledgling web emerged. Over two decades later, an art practice naturally began to resurface and in late 2019 Duncan quit design to become a full time artist.

Exploring themes of competing forces and balance, Duncan conjures immersive abstract compositions through clean geometric shapes and gestural abstract marks. His current studio practice comprises of mixed media works on boards, primarily incorporating photography, transfer mediums and acrylics.

Duncan currently lives and works by the sea in Hastings.

Exploring the space between analogue and digital, natural and constructed

Artist statement

My practice involves a circular process moving between the virtual and real world, operating in the spaces between digital and analogue, between the human-made and the natural world. I strive to balance opposites: gestural abstract marks with cleanly designed elements; and manufactured bold colours with natural, earthy tones.

I'm always collecting source material by observing unknowing collaborations and juxtaposed opposites in my local environment. Photographing these discoveries, I bring them into my practice to wrestle with the inherent tensions and to confront the polarities existing within our current culture. I feel my work exists to prove that competing forces can work together.

My process takes time and is one of experimentation and iteration: part accident, part intent, interchangeable and repeatable. I tend to start with photography and digital painting before transferring to a physical surface and blending with a variety of mixed media.

As I work through multiple cycles, layers build up and relief emerges on the surface. There's usually a point where I become lost in possibility. I realise I've reached the final phase when I've lost track of how I arrived here and would struggle to reproduce it. There's always a possibility the process could repeat forever.


Solo Exhibitions

2023  Glowing Up | Collected Fictions, St Leonards on Sea

2023  Glow Up | One to Ten Gallery, online show

Selected Group Exhibitions

2024  upSCALE | Project 78 Gallery, St Leonards on Sea

2023  Affordable Art Show | MOTH Gallery, St Leonards on Sea

2023  Coastal Currents Arts Festival, open studios | Common Mormon Studios, Hastings

2023  Of a Place | MOTH Gallery, St Leonards on Sea

2023  New Order New Chaos | The Observer Building, Hastings

2022  Hastings Open - shortlisted | Hastings Museum and Art Gallery, Hastings

2022  Coastal Currents Arts Festival, open studios | Common Mormon Studios, Hastings

2022  My Queen | Dirty Old Gallery, Hastings